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Pour over • V60 & Chemex

The difference between Chemex and V60 is the thicker Chemex filter. Some prefer grinding a tad coarser for Chemex since water will flow a little slower. The technique is the same.

What you'll need: Fresh coffee beans, a grinder, a V60 or Chemex, a V60 or Chemex filter, a scale, a timer, a kettle.

Grind size: Medium 
Recipe: 18g of fresh ground coffee, 300 ml of water boiling water
Total time: 7 minutes
Effort: Some precision required

Step 1: Bring 400ml of fresh water to a boil. As you wait, grind 18g of fresh coffee.

Step 2: Place V60 over your cup, place filter in the V60 and pour some boiling water on the filter to rinse out any paper taste and to warm up your cup. Empty the cup.

Step 3: Place V60 over your cup and on your scale. Put 18g of coffee in the V60, tare scale, start timer.

Step 4: Pour 50g of water on the grinds, making sure all grinds are wet. Swirl V60 around gently to help with this. Wait 40 seconds.

Step 5: Pour 100g of water on the coffee in circular motion, try not to touch the filter as you pour. Scale now reads 150g.

Step 6: Swirl the V60 once around gently. Let it drip a bit. 

Step 7: Timer now reads about 1:15. Pour another 100g of water on the coffee, in circular motion, try not to touch the filter as you pour. Scale now reads 250g. Let it drip a bit.

Step 8: Pour the remaining water slowly, until scale reads 300 g.

The timer should read about 2:45 to 3 minutes once has finished dripping. The coffee bed should be fairly flat.

If it drips way faster your grind may be too coarse. Way slower, your grind may be too fine. An ideal grind will produce a well balanced cup, different coffees may require different grind size adjustments. 

You can play around with grind size and coffee:water ratio to match your taste. Experiment. Brew what tastes best to you! 

Let us know if you have any brewing questions.


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