Brewing Guide • Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper

What you'll need:
Fresh coffee beans, a Clever Dripper, a filter (Chemex or #4), a scale, a grinder, a kettle, a spoon.

Grind size: Medium
Recipe: 18g ground coffee, 300 ml of boiling water 
Time: 5 minutes
Effort: Minimal

Step 1: Bring 400ml of fresh water to a boil. As you wait, grind 18g of fresh coffee.

Step 2: Once water is boiling, place filter in the Clever Dripper and rinse the filter, release water in your mug to preheat it also.

Step 3: Place Clever Dripper on scale, tare scale to 0.

Step 4: Put 18g of coffee in the Clever dripper, tare scale.

Step 5: Pour 300 ml of water over coffee, wet all grinds. Start your timer. Close lid.

Step 6: When timer reads 4 minutes, use the spoon to break the crust of coffee floating on top of the water, grinds will sink down. Give it another minute. 

Step 7: When timer reads 5 minutes, place Clever Dripper on your cup to release coffee.

You can play around with grind size, coffee:water ratio and brewing time to match your taste. Brew what tastes best to you!

Let us know if you have any more brewing questions.


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